Really Striking Romance Comic Covers

Warning, incoming, romance comic covers are here. A deluge is coming onto your screen.

Romance comics are a long-dead genre from 50+ years ago. But for some reason, on a random Saturday morning tangent recently, I got completely wrapped up in them. I had been looking for lesbian comics online, but accidentally stumbled on some awesome-ass old comics. Heterosexual, sadly, but still awesome stuff. Less the comics themselves, I guess, than the covers.

Romance comic covers are COOL.

romance comic covers
This is one of the most iconic comic book covers out there, and for good reason.

This romance comic cover here gets hailed in the hallmarks of pop art, but so, so many others are deserving as well. The genre is very famous for its cover art!

The real key here with these romance comic covers: Be visually striking. Awesome poses, dramatic angles, great colors, and most of all, ANGST.

So, so much angst.

romance comic covers

Even when they’re super cutesy, the text boxes betray the angst to come. Heightened drama, incredible stakes. Just like real teenagehood, everything is important, everything matters so much. These stories were heavily censored and written mostly by straight men, but in a way they still reflect the slurry of self-importance that middle and high school were for most of us. And, of course, for the target audience.

Doing the For Your Eyes Only pose decades before the movie

I did, in all my searching, find a cover that features a lesbian!

I wonder what’s in the story? Probably nothing good, but I still wanna read it.

So, take a few more romance comic covers and get outta here:

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