Bonnie Taylor: Unluckiest Woman in Romance Comics

Poor Bonnie Taylor!

When I was searching out romance comic covers for my previous post, I stumbled on a little meta-series. I didn’t see this in any other covers I found, but it appears that DC’s Young Romance series had an ongoing feature for this character. Bonnie Taylor, airline stewardess, very unlucky in love and always zipping around the world. It’s a good setup for an ongoing series! I guess she wasn’t popular enough to get one, but she did get featured on the cover of several issues.

I’m sure the stories are mostly just schlocky 60s comic stuff. Without any context, though, these covers are hilariously tragic. Whatever story I’m imagining here is probably better than the actual comics, and I want to keep it that way.

We start out with the classic “girl crying” cover…
And then the tragedy ratchets up…
bonnie taylor
bonnie taylor
bonnie taylor
Why are we still “meeting” her after her sixth issue?

I’m very, very concerned about Bonnie Taylor’s mental health here, I must say. Does she have a support system about this? Actually, almost certainly no. She probably doesn’t even have a permanent address with her stewardess job, making it all the more tragic. And now with issue 131, her coworker’s stolen her man… Damn that Lori!

Is that Clark Kent?
At least she’s not crying this time
How do straight women keep doing this over and over? Are they just that hot?
At this point I’m not even sure if I feel sorry for her anymore. She basically signed up for this tragedy. Real life isn’t Before Sunrise, lady
I knew it! Too cowardly!
bonnie taylor
She’s mentioned on the cover, but not featured. Sadly, looks like her series didn’t catch on. Also, Dennis is a creep
bonnie taylor
Another mention on the cover, but again not a feature

…And that’s it. Bonnie Taylor didn’t appear on any covers, or even get mentioned. Maybe she still got back-up stories, but I’m not doing the work to find out. I’d like to imagine she’s still out there to this day, age 77, still riding around the world. Maybe she’s a pilot now. But she’s definitely still getting her heart broken by men.

Someone at DC Comics should absolutely write that storyline.

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