I was in Nagoya, a city with considerably higher vending machine diversity than my town back in Tohoku. You really never know when you’re gonna stumble on some weird limited edition drink in some back alley machine set up for the can collectors next door, or one really weird edition in one machine among a row of five different ones.

And on this day I stumbled on the Newtype Coffee. What does it mean? What could it be? It’s a Gundam drink with not one, but TWO can designs. And it’s sold exclusively as a warm coffee, so you can use it to heat up your hands in the blistering 12-degree-celsius mornings of absolute winter wasteland Nagoya.

I got three of them, because I have basically no impulse control and also because I wanted to tell you, yes you, exactly how this drink tastes so you can find it if you so want.

This is Newtype Coffee, after all. It has the flavor of psychic battles over Lalah and of increasing power level creep over a long franchise. Drinking it probably harkens you back to the day when Amuro and Char Newtyped so hard they blew up a comet or whatever the hell the ending of that one movie was. The public MUST know what this coffee tastes like.

For the first two, I drank them soon after buying them, keeping them hot and soothing against my throat. For the third, I drank it a couple days later, cold like most canned coffees.

If I had to describe the taste, it’d be… flavored water with some caffeine in it. Coffee only by the loosest definition. It had the distinct aftertaste of absolutely nothing, and making it cold enhanced the sweetness just a smidge. The experience was a bit akin to drinking from a pothole next to a car wash, but only if you dissolved some sugar into it first.

So, basically the same as most canned coffee in Japan. Well worth the cost. Georgia, the best state in the Union, is responsible for this creation. I am proud.

I will keep the cans as souvenirs, but no more Newtype coffee for me. I’m more of an Octocky kid myself.

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