5 Great Posts on Joi Massat’s Blog You Should Read Right This Instant

Joi Massat’s blog is way worth your time! The reflections are always insightful, the content’s way up my alley almost every post, and it’s definitely very well-written.

Each of Joi Massat’s blog posts tend to be much more carefully created and researched than stuff on here. Not to bash my own work, of course, but my ramblings tend to be freeform quick cuts. If you enjoy my longer work, but you’re looking for posts with more meat on your bones, then you know exactly where you gotta go.

In celebration of Joi Massat’s blog being awesome, I’m going to list five of his posts you need to open tabs for and consume as soon as your eyes allow them. Alright? Let’s do this.

How to Draw Comics (When You Can’t Draw) – Best of Joi Massat’s Blog

Extremely inspiring! As someone who wants to draw comics and can’t draw, I love this post.

Retrospective: Fifty Years of Scooby-Doo!

Fifty Names of Scooby-Doo is one of the Quinlan Circle’s secret successes (read it!), and so is this reflective retrospective on the making of it (read it too!).

Top 5 Most Epic Blondie Movie Endings, Presented Without Context

Completely epic, totally unexpected. All these clips except one are blocked in my current VPN country, which is Isle of Man if you were wondering.

Harry Potter International Book Covers (or: Harry Potter and the Kajillion Book Covers)

You know me… I love analyzing promo art. And one for a franchise with as bizarre a start as Harry Potter, it’s a very interesting time.

Karakuridōji Ultimo Review: Too Much Promise

An extremely long and also extremely nice overview of a long-forgotten would-be blockbuster manga. I had read a bit of it, but I had no idea what a crazy ride the full comic turned out to be!

Read Joi Massat’s Blog

There’s many more posts where that came from. Take a gander and see for yourself. And in the meantime, while you’re still on my blog, why don’t you leave a comment here and tell me what YOUR favorite blog post by Joi Massat is?

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