Writer Beware – Update to Web Fiction Directory

Here’s a short Writer Beware themed update to my Web Fiction Directory I’ve lightly maintained for a few years now.

Anyway, I’ve had trouble keeping up with one important thing–which websites turn out to be scummy? Which ones offer really oppressive terms to their authors, and which ones have deceptive practices towards readers? If I find a website or app that gains a bad reputation, I’ll always remove it from the list.

But I’m not super engaged with the web fiction community these days, so I’m worried some will fall through the cracks. Luckily, the Writer Beware website can help out! They have tons of articles on deceptive practices, scams, and red flags for writers. And they also have a contract section that highlights web fiction sites that have awful terms for their authors.

Not everything bad gets an article there, but the site is really good, and so I’m going to start following it more regularly. My trusty RSS feed will help stay on top of it. If a website shows up on Writer Beware, rest assured I’ll boot it from the Web Fiction Directory.

If YOU have any tips on bad actors in the web fiction industry, please let me know in a comment. Or, if you know of any good sites that aren’t listed yet, of course let me know too.

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