People ask me all the time where the Systemless Series Ebooks are, and I can tell you they’re all on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. That’s where they tend to be most of the time.

Of course, I’ve been publishing this series since February 2020. Three and a half years spent with Eryk Solbourne, Francis Bacall, Delta Rafati, and absurd comedy stuff. I love these characters! The book finally finished this summer, and I’m very glad to be done with it just for all the stuff surrounding it. I’m not going to do a full project post-mortem right now, but the central theme of it might be “sunk cost.” It never found its audience on Royal Road and it took a toll on me mentally.

But I think the Systemless Series Ebooks will find a lot of readers who love it.

(By the way, my novella Rainbow Destructor is totally free for a couple days too!)

In fact, Volume 1 has been read hundreds of times already across book sales and Kindle Unlimited page reads. Volumes 2 and 3 still don’t have that much, but over time I think it will grow.

(Volume 2 also got troll ratings. 2 of them were most likely right-wing trolls… And ratings only, not reviews, so they can’t be reported. Please please leave a review, good or bad, I just want something on that page other than its current 1-star rating.)

This isn’t exactly a high-trafficked blog, so if you’re reading this post, chances are you already read this series. But if not, I highly recommend trying it out for cartoony fun and LitRPG madness.

I’m starting my next book series very soon. But unlike the Systemless Series Ebooks, or rather its serial run, I’m not going to serialze the chapters soon after writing them. I’m also not going to blow through my archive early like with Golemancer–for that one, I had written about 100,000 words, but posted most of it in a single month for some reason! Why!

So for the next book, I’ll either keep totally silent on it until it’s several books in length and unleash it on the world, or I’ll just outright try the indie publishing route and avoid web serial stuff altogether. Either way, it probably won’t be public for a year or more anyway (unless you know where to look…).

Until then, enjoy the Systemless Series Ebooks! Share them with your friends! I am really hard on money right now!

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