In round 3 of me gushing about media I haven’t experienced, Cybernator seems so friggin’ cool.

Recently, the game’s been rereleased on modern hardware, got a full SNES reprint (preorder it before November 5th), and it’s become the talk of the town for retro game enthusiasts. So, suddenly, I’ve encountered it a whole lot on the internet. It really makes me wanna play it.

By the way, Cybernator is also called Assault Suits Valken. It got renamed for its first localization in the 90s, but the current IP holders have stuck with the original name. But Cybernator is way too cool a name, so I’m keeping that.

Everything about the game is awesome. It’s a 2D side-scrolling mecha action game. A shoot-em-up mixed with a run-and-gun. Normally, those games are a bit too punishing for me, but I hear tell this one’s pretty decently easy. And it’s not just some mindless action game! It’s got a story with characters and cutscenes and everything!


It has multiple endings. A bunch of backstory with cool promo art. Beautiful visuals throughout the game. You’d think Cybernator was released in 2014 after a low-key Kickstarter. Nope, it’s over thirty years old on the Super Nintendo.


It’s $25 on Switch with all the fancy special features. HowLongToBeat claims it’s only a couple hours long, though. But, even though I’m busy as hell lately, I might set aside a weekend soon and blast through it. Because Cybernator seems really just so cool.

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