Here’s a good music video for you. Youtube recommendations got me to watch this video a while back, and through the mysterious magic it gives, recently it started popping up all over again. I have no idea who Mr. 槇原 is, but this good music video has really hooked me somehow.

The song’s pretty good, not quite 80s enough for me to love, but it’s definitely something I can dance (internally) to. But the video accompanying it is what I’m a big fan of.

The thing is shot in three “scenes”– two of them are the singer by a piano and posing, one in a pink-colored set and the other in a blank white room with various flourishes. They’re nice, but the bulk of the video is shot in this ultra close-up handheld camera way, showing this guy as he sings and laughs and acts really nice. Half his face is out of frame in most shots, and there’s a pink (and then gold) glow behind him throughout the video.

He’s not really that handsome to be honest, not with that dorky baseball haircut anyway, but the intimacy with which the video shoves him to us, along with his perpetual cheer, is really captivating. There’s no slick editing or any nice story, no fancy visual effects or anything. And yet, it’s a real good music video to me.

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