Happy 2021! The Gay Gatsby is now released.

Howdy to you, and happy 2021 (in most time zones at least), the Year of Our Lord In Which The Gay Gatsby Finally Comes Out. This is going to be a brand new great year that will almost 100% be way better than the quite awful last twelve months. I’m pretty optimistic about it!

And even if the year ends up being less than stellar, at least we’ve got a spiffy new book coming out right on January 1st, which is to say right this instant: The Gay Gatsby.

the gay gatsby cover
Read me! Read me!

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal classic goes public domain at this exact same moment too, so now you can read it for free (but since I’m writing this in advance it’s still only available for free in the EU and Australia, so I’ll change the link to a better document later).

In honor of this book finally being given back to the world, I’m publishing my book, a head-trip sci-fi-infused homosexual parody on the exact same day. There’s one more book doing the same thing, a modern-day retelling rather than a queer remix; we two are the only authors who will ever be able to lay claim to writing the first-ever legal Gatsby continuations, and that’s incredible to me. I’m so excited about it!

I won’t spoil the contents of this book, but I will give you the description:


Nick Carraway is new to Long Island, and he’s got queer company. There’s bullish and hypermasculine Tom, his wife Daisy, and his lover Myrtle—or is it Myles? And does Daisy have something going on with butch golfer Jordan?

Everyone’s got something to hide, but the secrets come out at Gaylord Gatsby’s parties—the gayest affairs West Egg ever had. And when Nick finds Gatsby staring off at the rainbow light across the bay, his heart pounds—and he gains a secret he can’t bear to keep.

But all is not as it seems, and the light is deeper than he knows…

The Gay Gatsby is a remix of the timeless classic that takes everything we thought we knew and shatters it—with love.

The Gay Gatsby

I suspect that longtime Thedude3445 followers may know some of what to expect when they read The Gay Gatsby, but even those people may end up surprised. It’s a pretty weird book!

So I really, really, really hope you buy the book, especially today in its first day of release: if the story can reach in any category on Amazon, it becomes an official Bestseller and that will REALLY help the story for years to come. It doesn’t need that many copies to achieve it, so if you’re even the least bit interested, please take the plunge and buy a copy of The Gay Gatsby today!

Also, easy sharable link: http://gatsby.gay/ You’ll never forget this URL as long as you live. Extremely easy!

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