I don’t know, tell me if this is a stupid idea. I just had the random thought and I can’t let it go without at least musing about it publicly. So I was just cleaning up my blog’s front page a little when I went and looked over at my boy Joi’s for comparison.

For some reason, the little icons in the sidebar area intrigued me…

It’s a stupid idea, I’m telling you. But I’m nostalgic for that Project Wonderful era, where indie dudes would bid with other indie dudes. Where the web comic and web fiction communities could create a network and ads weren’t actively tracking you everywhere. Also, the ads were on extremely low-traffic sites so they’d cost like, 1 cent a day.

My stupid idea is, what if I did some ultra cheapo ads for these thumbnail-sized icons and put them on this site’s sidebar? I’m talking like, people pay $2 a month on the Quinlan Circle’s currently neglected Patreon, and there’s like 5 slots at a time, and if people keep paying then they just get to put a tiny ad up for all eternity.

Listen, I told you it was dumb, and possibly a bit underwhelming. My site does not exactly have incredible visitor stats, I’ll admit that much.

stupid idea
I don’t know when this article will actually be posted, but you sure can see the day I WROTE it. I have backlogs upon backlogs, you see

Nobody posting an ad would probably get any clicks. But maybe for the sheer lulz of it all, some people would do it? Get a tiny little icon on my site in perpetuity? I don’t know, but for this stupid idea, I’m soliciting feedback before actually thinking further on it. Worst thing ever would be, I decide to do this dumb gimmick, then nobody is interested in it and it blows up in my face.

So let’s see… how silly an idea would it be?

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