Welcome to 2023, the year of rabbits and also of B. A. Bakers.

I went another month without a new blog post, finally ending my hot streak of twice-weekly blogs. Sad, because I think some of my best stuff yet was posted this year, but it’s more like I’m saving my chakras up to unleash a big genki-dama blast of good writing this year.

My professional career is currently in a bit of a flux and I’m not sure how it’s going to develop the next several months. So I can’t give accurate predictions for the rest of the year. But these are at least my writing goals for the year:

  1. Finish Systemless Book 3
  2. Finish Golemancer Book 2
  3. Publish Systemless and Golemancer as ebooks on Amazon.
  4. Publish new multi-part blog sub-series on here, and possibly as ebooks as well.
  5. Start a new ongoing web serial by the fall.

I’ll do my best to achieve all five of these things, and hopefully go even further beyond, to paraphrase an Americna hero.

Anyway, how have y’all been doing? Any cool happenings over the holidays?

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