Look what I got in the mail today; the new Fire Emblem game!

I wasn’t a mega-fan of Three Houses back in 2019, although I sure did enjoy it for what it was and fell in love with plenty of the characters. (Tragically, in one case.) But I’m a Fire Emblem die-hard through and through, and I’m ready to play the heck out of the new Fire Emblem as soon as I can.

Honestly, I haven’t played through a full beefy video game in a really long time. According to the spreadsheet where I log all the long-form media I consume (because of course I have that), he last one I beat was Littlewood, almost a whole year ago.

Don’t judge me

In fact, I really consumed a lot less media in 2022, as you can see here. I finished barely anything from April to September! And I didn’t even intend for Littlewood to be a giant 50-hour game; it just ended up addicting me with its ADHD-inducing gameplay loop. I might write about that later.

Anyway, it’s been even longer since my last AAA game I’ve played all the way through. In fact, Three Houses was that game. It means I’ve really, really been itching for a new huge game to satiate me!

The new Fire Emblem game is going to give me all that AAA game energy I need. High production values, clunky user experience, really memorable setpieces, and huge polish except in those areas where there’ll be a bunch of stupid glitches.

My body is ready, and that’s why I preordered this game like a billion months ago, and also made a solemn promise to myself.

That promise was… Don’t look at any of the pre-release material. Don’t look up what the game’s even about. And I kept that. My hype level is at an absolute minimum. I don’t know ANYTHING about this game, except that the new protagonist is another blank slate type, and that old Fire Emblem heroes get summoned in weapons or something. I got that much from random screenshots. Aside from that, zilch.

I’m really excited to have a complete open mind to go into this game with!

Here’s an obligatory unboxing of the collector’s edition.

It’s cool! The right-hand side is weird cards, and the left-hand side is the game itself, with a steelbook.
new fire emblem game
Old sprites and an artbook!
new fire emblem game
A really huge poster I will never hang up anywhere.
new fire emblem game
The artbook is huge! And it has a bunch of material. I don’t want to look too closely because of my no spoilers thing, but I’m certainly intrigued.
new fire emblem game
Jehde is her name? Or Jade maybe? I don’t know, but heavily armored anime women are kind of adorable. I hope she’s a rare long-haired butch.

If all goes well, you’ll see me posting thinly veiled Fire Emblem fan fiction as my next web novel in a couple months as obsession overtakes me once again.

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